Abstracts submission


Participants are encouraged to give oral or poster presentations during the Bryology 2019 scientific program

Abstracts submission deadline: May 31th, 2019

Oral presentations
Speakers are allowed 15 minutes for presentation + 5 min for questions / discussion. Time will be strictly enforced. Remember that the discussion is much more enriching than overloading the audience with even the smallest piece of your results.
Standard audio-visual facilities are available, but be aware of potential unexpected behavior of animations, layout or fonts in slideshows due to software compatibility issues. PDF format should serve as cross-platform.

Poster presentations
Posters will be vertical B1 standard size (100 cm high x 70.7 cm wide). Besides the specific poster sessions indicated in the scientific program, they will be available to participants during the conference days.

Procedure for abstract submission and acceptance
The abstracts must be prepared using this template, and submitted to this email. Abstracts not using the template or sent to other address will not be considered. Participants are asked in the template to indicate the type of communication preferred (oral or poster), but the organizers withhold the right to limit the number of oral presentations according to time constrains and/or abstract quality.

Abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Organizing and Scientific committees. After evaluation, abstracts may be accepted (without further change required), rejected (without the possibility of re-submission), or sent back for revision. In the last case, the authors will have the opportunity to submit a revised version of the abstract following the committee’s observations. Note that submitting a revised version of an abstract does not warrant its final acceptance.

Authors may be proposed to change their presentation type (from oral to poster, or reverse) depending on program completion, availability of presentation slots within session, and abstract quality. Corresponding (ideally, also presenting) authors will receive all correspondence regarding the abstract status, presentation type, date and time, via the email provided in the abstract submission.

Abstract guidelines
Please, send abstracts exclusively using this template. Abstracts not using the template will not be accepted. Abstracts should present an outline of a research work as recommended in scientific journals, and are supposed not to present too preliminary results; abstract stating “The results will be discussed” or “Conclusions will be presented” will be rejected.
Length limit for abstracts is 350 words. Text font will be Calibri (11 pt size), line spacing single, alignment left.
Abstracts must be as informative as possible, in one block of text including the usual sections (without headers):

  • Introduction / Background / Justification
  • Objective(s)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Implications / conclusions based upon the results