IUCN red-listing workshop


The Steering Committee of the IUCN SSC Bryophyte Specialist Group announces with great pleasure an IUCN red-listing workshop to be held as pre-conference event of the IAB / iMoss / SEB meeting.

Date:     7 – 8 July 2019; 9.00- 17.00

Location: “Salón de Actos” of the Real Jardín Botánico

Bryophytes, like most other organisms on Earth, face severe declines. Species in high need of conservation actions can be identified by assessing their extinction risk in the frame of red-listing. Red Lists are thus a crucial tool to set priorities in species conservation and they play a key role to safeguard biodiversity. This 2-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to get familiar with the IUCN red-listing methodology, under the competent guidance of two certified IUCN Red List trainers. It is made possible thanks to a generous grant by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and workshop facilitator staff time provided by IUCN. There will be no workshop fee.

The target group of the workshop are BSG members (please note the separate invitation), but we are also now able to open the workshop to any bryologist interested in bryophyte red-listing based on IUCN methodology. It is required that you perform the on line training on IUCN red-listing (see link below). If you are interested, please contact Ariel Bergamini (address below), motivate briefly your interest and confirm that you have done or will do in due time the online training. We will assign the remaining workshop places on a first come-first served basis.


Detailed Program: The Bryophyte Specialist Group of the IUCN has prepared an interesting program that can be downloaded as a pdf document clicking here.

Organizers: Steering Committee of the IUCN SSC Bryophyte Specialist Group (Irene Bisang & Jacques van Rooy, Co-chairs BSG; Ariel Bergamini, Red List Authority BSG), Matt von Konrat (IAB Council)

Contact: ariel.bergamini@wsl.ch
Link to the online training on red-listing methodology


Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

IUCN-Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation Malaga. Spain

IUCN Global Species Programme Red List Unit Cambridge, UK

Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC), Madrid, Spain

International Association of Bryologists (IAB)

Special thanks to Olivier Hasinger, Special Survival Commission Network Coordinator, Gland, Switzerland


Meesia triquetra, a Critically endangered moss in the Iberian Peninsula that lives in Sierra de Gredos (Photo: M. Luceño, 2-July-2016)
Wardia hygrometrica, the only member of the south western Cape endemic family Wardiaceae. You can read more about this moss here (Photo: Jonathan Sleath)